Earlier today I attended a workshop on bookbinding hosted by the FIMS GRC.

I had no idea that bookbinding was a thing that people did until maybe a year or so ago, when I started seeing mentions of it here and there on craft blogs and social media. I am a person who likes to make things, so it’s no surprise that I was drawn to it. It went on the long list of things I would like to learn to do.

This is an actual picture of me with that list.


Just kidding – I’m not a sponge. But the list part is accurate.

What is it about bookbinding that’s so captivating, I wonder? I think part of it is that it’s so versatile and creative. And then there is the fact that many of us have special relationships with books, and the idea of making one come together ourselves is pretty magical.

Books are easily taken for granted. But learning about their development reminds us that they are a technology, developed slowly, in spurts and starts. I shouldn’t be surprised that people are so resourceful and creative in developing ways to store information, I guess.

The workshop was conducted by MLIS’ very own knowledgeable and helpful Erin Clupp. You can see pictures of one of Erin’s many bookbinding endeavours here. She was kind enough to bring in some of her own books for us to look at, and we even got to take a look at some very old books, and touch papyrus paper and parchment.

Of course the most fun part was the hands on component, where we got to make our very own pamphlets. Here’s mine.

My little DIY pamphlet

I’m sure it doesn’t look very impressive, but I’m proud of my little pamphlet!

Now I am thinking about how I can adapt this into a craft to do with my children.



One thought on “Bookbinding

  1. I am so happy that you enjoyed the workshop!!! Talk to me anytime and I would be more than happy to discuss ideas!! I this is a perfect activity to do with your children as it allows them to be creative and they can also have something to write in (creativity + literacy = awesome little people). Thanks for the shout out!!! 😀

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