Hello to you!

I’m a new MLIS student at Western, with a background in sociology. I’ve found this to be a big leap; by my honours year in undergrad I felt fairly familiar with a wide range of theory, and when encountering new material I felt confident that I had enough background and context in the subject matter to know how to approach it. Starting this program has been humbling, as I’ve had to immerse myself in a whole new environment and academic subject. Luckily, my professors are exceptional, the material is interesting, relevant, and important to me, and I am enjoying it tremendously. I have not as of yet encountered a topic that I was not interested in.

Just over a month in, I feel like I am starting to get a handle on things. That being said, I am still new to this world, and that is the perspective from which I write.

Unfortunately this gives you, as a reader, very little idea of what to expect from this blog. What I can tell you is that for now my interests mostly relate to public libraries. I approach LIS from a sociological perspective and take a particular interest in issues of  social justice. If pressed I would probably say that my favourite class is Reference, and I can often be found poking around in one database or another.

I intend to blog about new ideas and discussions that interest me as I encounter them.

I hope to use this blog to develop my ideas, and to learn from discussion with others in the LIS world.

Thanks for reading. Welcome. I hope you stick around.